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Dealing with Injury

September 12th, 2016|

Nobody wakes up, jumps out of bed, and admires their bad self in the mirror and shouts – today is a great day to get injured! Ever. Yet every day,

Double Unders Are As Easy As Air Squats. Really

September 8th, 2016|

Most athletes out there may disagree with the statement that double unders are as easy as air squats. But think about it for a minute. Double unders do not require

Moving Past Female Perfection in the Gym and in Our Lives

September 5th, 2016|

“Female perfection” is the constant pressure that we, as women, seem to put on ourselves: pressure to be perfectly successful at our careers, our families, our relationships with others, our

SMR Primer – Stretching for Athletes

September 1st, 2016|

Recently a fellow friend of mine, Phil DiPrima, told me about an element of fitness I had totally overlooked, a concept called Self-Myofascial Release (SMR for short).  My interest piqued,

Metcon Magazine – Issue 3 – September 2016

August 30th, 2016|

The September 2016 issue of Metcon Magazine highlights the sport of Mixed Martial Arts with Invicta and UFC fighter Jessamyn Duke. This issue also features tips for fixing issues with

Address Your Weaknesses Systematically

August 29th, 2016|

“Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death.” - Chris Spealler, Five time CrossFit Games competitor The above quote is one of my favorites, from

Inadvertant Doping – The Risk of Sports Supplements

August 24th, 2016|

The use of supplements in sports has always been controversial. In CrossFit, a sport in which athletes are pushed to their limits, some athletes search for anything that will

Plan Your Work: How to Ensure a Successful Workout

August 22nd, 2016|

When you arrive at your box, do you have an intention for your workout? You should. Planning your workout — from setting a goal to researching your movements to

How to Make Running Suck Less

August 17th, 2016|

Running is an excellent supplement to CrossFit. It will increase your endurance for longer WODs and helps you learn to “embrace the suck.” But so many people just absolutely

Think Bigger: You Are More Than Just a Coach

August 16th, 2016|

How Do We Do That? People come to us as an escape. This is an hour out of their day where they want to challenge themselves, empower themselves, and come

Pulling Yourself Under the Bar

August 15th, 2016|

Repeat After Me “I Will Pull Myself UNDER The Barbell” One of the most difficult things for beginning weightlifters to do is also one of the most important – pulling

The Judge-Athlete Relationship

August 10th, 2016|

We complete workouts all of the time without the help of a judge. We do our squats, our cleans, and countless other movements without anyone telling us if we